We ensure the highest possible profile for your books in the all‑important European market

With a proven track record of over 30 years’ experience, Durnell Marketing provides a vital face‑to‑face service for publishers looking to grow sales across mainland Europe and Ireland. The dynamic, multilingual team takes an in-depth, personalised and responsive approach, with customers’ needs at the heart of their business.


  • Durnell Marketing have represented the Harvard list across Europe since 2020, and their attitude and application has always been first rate.

    They proactively managed us through the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic and Brexit, and are always enthusiastic, committed and flexible to our needs as the publisher.

    Whenever we need something actioned in Europe, we have full confidence that the Durnell team will make it happen and follow up to ensure the best possible outcome.

  • We are very happy working with James Dunphy and his team at Durnell Marketing.

    One of the best, if not the best to work with on procuring books. The Durnell Team is passionate, driven by their love of books and always a delight to work with.

    The Akademika chain contains 50 academic bookshops and B2B clients in Norway – we know who to contact for good and quick help if anything needed.

  • I have been working at Libreria Hoepli, a large international bookshop with a strong technical and scientific tradition, for 30 years. It’s then a long time I have been working with foreign publishing sales representatives, and Durnell Marketing has always been one of the best for several reasons. First, the possibility to choose new titles of a wide range of publishers from a list prepared for me and tailored to my specific interests, without browsing too many catalogs. Then, efficient communication of new distributed publishers and those no longer treated. And last but not least, the extreme speed of response to our queries.

  • We at the AUC Press are very excited to be working again with our friends at Durnell Marketing. Interest in all things Egyptian runs deeply across Europe and to know that our agents there understand that fact and deliver the sales we need is of great import to us.

  • Nice people, super service, attentive, responsive and funny Christmas cards.

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